Code Switch Media was founded to provide innovative digital products and content for professional interpreters and translators.

They work hard to bring their clients modern tools so that they can be even more amazing at interpreting and translating the world. 



I am a Certified Court Interpreter and I love helping people communicate: either with each other, or getting their big ideas out to a wider audience. I started Code Switch Media to provide a platform for Interpreters and Translators who want to take their business to the next level.



I’m the developer at Code Switch Media. Most of my time is dedicated towards working on INTRAKIT, but I also handle anything dealing with the numbers inside the business.  I love technology and tinkering with things to make them better.



Melannie López has been interpreting for almost two decades. She LOVES interpreting at trials, especially consecutive interpreting at the witness stand. She is the co-founder of KATI, The Kentucky Association of Translators and Interpreters and a member of ATA. She loves to cook (especially Mexican cuisine), create, inspire others, and volunteer in her community. She also secretly dreams of being the lead singer of a salsa band.


Alex Cruz taught himself to code by the age of 12. He started building INTRAKIT at 17. By the summer of 2016 he will hold a degree in computer programming. He loves to get his hands dirty with all kinds of technology and he plays pretty much every sport ever invented. He spends about 20 hours a week volunteering in his local latino community.   His fatal flaw is that he doesn’t drink coffee.