I have been an interpreter for almost two decades. And If I have learned anything along the way it is that NO ONE is a walking library. While we are required to interpret all sorts of different topics, we can’t be expected to have all that terminology in our heads all the time. Thus, the need for reliable reference sources.

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How much money have you invested over the span of your career on dictionaries, glossaries, books on terminology, and workshops on specialized terminology for different fields such as forensics? I absolutely love reading dictionaries and learning new terminology. I have a bookshelf full of titles to prove it. But, even though I am proud of my collection, it is hardly portable. For many years I hauled my reference collection around with me, earning myself the nickname “the backpack interpreter” from some of my judges. However, this was both awkward and clunky. It wasn’t efficient if I needed a word on the fly. Plus, my back was not too happy about lugging all those heavy books around all day.

When online reference sources began popping up, I was really excited. Finally, I could leave the books at home. However, I had a hard time finding the right translation quickly, because everything was all bunched together. I spent way too much time searching the list fora to find unusual context translations. I had to search term by term by term. Preparing for an assignment could take hours. And that was time I had to spend after regular working hours, when I really wanted to be with my family. Then there was the constant problem of finding myself on assignments where there was no internet connection. Again, I was frustrated that there was no tool that could meet my needs.

I noticed that other interpreters I worked with were having the same frustrations as I was. For about 5 years I searched periodically for a mobile app that would solve this problem for my colleagues and me. There was nothing. ZILCH! NADA! So, being the tech genius that I am, I decided to build it myself. If you know me, you can stop laughing at that last statement. Actually, full disclosure, I looked around and realized that I had a tech genius right in front of me…my nephew, Alex. We founded our company, Code Switch Media, in April 2015 and got to work.


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At Code Switch Media our aim is to provide innovative digital products and services for professional interpreters and translators. The first priority was to build INTRAKIT and update the language professional’s toolkit. Let me tell you what it’s all about.


Who needs a tech tool that takes weeks to figure out? INTRAKIT is designed to be extremely easy to use. Even non-techy people (like me!) can learn to use it in about 10 minutes. The set-up of the glossaries is also extremely simple. This means that you do not have to scroll through miles and miles of irrelevant content to find what you are looking for. “But where are the definitions?” you ask. INTRAKIT is NOT a dictionary. And that is on purpose. There are already many online resources for looking up definitions. We wanted to give you as much useful content as possible, while keeping it extremely nimble. In order to be completely functional offline it has to be downloaded to the device. We know that our users do not want something that will take up tons of space. Therefore, the decision to limit the content to glossaries. Want to be prepared, but feeling the time crunch? If you are prepping for an assignment you can create a favorites list of common terms from the database in about 15 minutes. Adding new terms to your glossaries is as simple as tapping a + sign, typing in the terms, and hitting save. You can even use the voice-to-text feature of your smart phone and “ask” INTRAKIT for the term you are looking for.


INTRAKIT’s glossaries reflect the fact that our users are professionals. We have meticulously curated the content of each glossary so that you can search each category separately. After all, when you are in a hurry to find the right term, you don’t need to have to sort through multiple renditions relevant to different fields and try to figure out which one is correct. We have already done the heavy lifting for you. Another thing you won’t see is basic terminology. We know that our users don’t need a toolbox filled with words they already know. They need the difficult terms that they might only have to use every once in a while. The way the glossaries are laid out is also unique. ALL of the terms are visible once you enter a category. No longer are you faced with a lonely search box and a blinking cursor. Because how do you know what to search for if you are completely unfamiliar with ballistics terminology? Now, you just open the glossary and you can study all of the relevant terminology at a glance. Want to customize your tool? No problem. You can create an unlimited number of personal glossaries in the My Library section. You will also be able to share your glossaries with your colleagues if you choose


I took my time designing INTRAKIT. Every digital reference product seemed to follow the same rule when it comes to design: “Just the facts, ma’am.” I was disappointed that it seemed that no thought was given to creating a product that was accurate, but also visually stimulating. With high resolution displays available on most mobile devices, I decided to create a product that looked as great as the content inside. Our Beta testers have applauded this extra attention to detail. “Serious content doesn’t have to mean boring.” commented one Beta tester. INTRAKIT uses gorgeous images and colors which truly enhances the user experience.




Want to import glossaries you already have in an excel file? No problem. Just jump over to our web app and upload your file. You can also export those glossaries into an excel file for compatibility with your CAT tools if you are working on translation. Want access to your content when you are actually at your desktop? Sure thing. Just log in to your account and everything will be there.

INTRAKIT is now available on both the App Store, and Google Play store. Get a FREE 7 day trial. Download the App and you will have access to all of its content for one full week. Make sure to register your account so that any glossaries you create will be preserved when you upgrade to INTRAKIT PRO. The upgrade is available through an in-app purchase. Currently, we are offering lifetime access to INTRAKIT for a flat fee of $299.  It is available in English/Spanish right now, and we will be adding additional language pairs shortly. Coming soon- a language neutral version that does not include any prepared glossaries. This version will allow you to create glossaries in any language pair. 

Download your free trial now!

Ready to grab your copy? Just click the links above. Then let us know what you think. We want to hear all of your feedback.