Have you heard of the Curse of Oak Island?

It is a show on the History Channel currently in it’s third season. Two brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina, are on a search for the elusive treasure hidden on Oak Island wrapped in a 200-year-old mystery. The show chronicles them hunting down clues and pursuing new theories from around the world. Located on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Oak Island is believed by many to be hiding one of the world’s greatest treasures. Since the late 1700s, fortunes have been spent and lives have been lost, but no one has ever been able to dig deep enough to discover what lies beneath. The show borrowed the title from the local legend that seven people will die before the treasure is found. So far, six have perished in accidents over the years.

My great-great grandfather was one of them. His name was Maynard Kaiser, and he died searching for the treasure on March 26, 1897 when a rope he was being hoisted with broke and he fell to his death at the bottom of the money pit. His body was never recovered and it is believed that it may have been washed out to sea through one of the many mysterious tunnels under the island when the tide came in. My great aunt, Lynne Walsh, and my aunt, Sally Janes, recently appeared on episode 12 season 3 when they went to visit the island while on vacation in Nova Scotia.

The memorial on Oak Island for those who have died while searching for the treasure.

Setting out to search for buried treasure is one thing, but persevering is quite another. Especially, if you don’t find anything right away. In the case of Oak Island, people have been searching for over 200 years. Franklin D. Roosevelt got in on the quest in 1909 when he was a young law clerk and continued to be attached to the hunt even while he was serving as the 32nd President. Errol Flynn, and John Wayne are some of the other famous men who have been involved.

Franklin D. Roosevelt (with the pipe) while digging on Oak Island

I grew up with this story of our family history. But, after watching the episode with my aunts, my husband looked at me and said  “So, it runs in the family from way back, doesn’t it?” Which made me stop and see things in a completely new way. Wow! Do I perhaps have more in common with my great-great grandfather than I previously thought?

Yes, it seems that the urge to solve a good mystery is universal. We seek to find the unknown in all aspects of our lives. Everyone loves the exhilaration of figuring out clues and putting the pieces of a puzzle together. Basically, because we all love experiencing the joy of discovery. There is nothing better than that “AHA” moment, is there? And that is what made me draw the parallel to being an entrepreneur. Once I started comparing them, I realized there are all kinds of things that entrepreneurs have in common with treasure hunters.

But, first let me dispel the myth that we are only out to get rich. If it were just about the actual money, would anyone still be searching on Oak Island? I hardly think so. In fact, Rick and Marty Lagina have said that if they do find the treasure they are going to follow the advise their father gave them before he passed away, “Do Good.” To really go the distance as an entrepreneur, it has to be about doing good. It has to be about serving your clients, or your audience to the best of your ability. It is not about you, but rather about what you can do to help them. To be successful in that endeavor, you must use many of the same skills as a treasure hunter. These are just a few that I came up with:

1.Creative Thinking

2.Excellent Listening Skills

3.Effective Research

4.Strategy Development

5.Teamwork for Building and Executing a Plan for Action 

6.Flexibility to Adapt if Your Strategy is Not Producing Results

Each and every one of these are critical factors that will determine whether or not you are successful in finding the “buried treasure” in you business. It must be said that your definition of treasure in your own entrepreneurial quest may not be the same as mine. What you seek may be valuable to you, but not to someone else. But, that is what will motivate you to continue to search seek until you find it. It is the WHY that will keep you going when your aren’t sure about the HOW or the WHEN.

I wish you success in your endeavors, fellow hunters!






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